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Birthdate:Apr 5

28. Australian. Girl. Aries. Hufflepuff. Creative. Bookworm. Borderline Normal. Daydream Believer. Chocoholic. Sponge. Graphics. Reading. Writing. Fanfic. Friends. Teddy Bears. Family.
"God gave us a great big apple, see, and He said don't touch it. He didn't say touch it once in a while; He didn't say take a nibble when you're hungry; He said don't touch it! Don't think about touchin'it, don't sing about touchin' it, don't *think* about singin' about touchin' it!" - Walk The Line

"I would rather fight with you than make love with anybody else" - The Wedding Date

She's a curious one, that girl.

Aries - The Ram - March 21 to April 20
Traditional Aries Traits - Adventurous, energetic, pioneering, courageous, enthusiastic, confident, dynamic and quick-witted
On the dark side - Selfish, quick-tempered, impulsive, impatient, foolhardy and daredevil

The ARIES Woman
When Byron wrote that "Man's love is of man's life a thing apart; 'tis woman's whole existence," he forgot about the Aries woman. She may think love is her whole existence, but she's too vitally absorbed in the world around her, not to mention in herself, for it to be the beginning and end of her life.

She'll always need that hero of her dreams to yearn for in her heart. He may be long ago and faraway-or hiding just out of sight and touch, somewhere in tomorrow's mists-but she'll think about him in an April rain. He'll haunt her when the first snow falls, when she hears a certain song or sees lightning flash.

The Aries girl will open her own doors. Shell also put on her own coat, fight her own battles, pull out her own chair and hail her taxi without any masculine help. Doing it herself is, to her, the fastest way to get it done. Naturally, this doesn't set too well on the vulnerable male ego. The Mars girl is determined to take the lead, to be the first to move to action, and that includes the action of making the first advance in romance. Be very careful about moving in on an Aries girl. She wants to be the leader in the love affair. Better be sure you have her heart safely in your pocket before you try to grab her around the waist and kiss her goodnight.

Don't be misled. The reason for her running isn't maidenly modesty. She's not afraid of your passionate intentions. Those she can handle. Her flight is based on the fear of getting tangled up with a worshiping slave or a lovestruck puppy dog, either one of whom would bore her to tears. A man who resists her impact always intrigues an Aries female. She can't under¬stand why she isn't overwhelming him with her obvious charms.

The Aries girl will gather every available male for a hundred miles around to her feet, while her willful heart yearns for the one man she can't have for one reason or another. The Mars woman can quickly adapt for survival if necessary, without whimpering. The Aries characters are tough enough to defy convention, face an advancing army, or even shoot a man through the head with icy calmness: if he threatens her loved ones. The Mars woman has strength and ability to bounce back after tragedy; able to play the female role to the hilt, with fluttering lashes and a well-timed tear, but just as able to take over a man's job when the men aren't around. Her aggressive drive may be hard to take, but her shining optimism and faith in tomorrow can be mighty uplifting.

The Aries girl is rather a pushover for flattery, if it has an honest base. Let her know you admire her, but don't be too flowery or sugary about it. Her loyalty in love is gigantic, as long as you keep the sentiment alive, for she is deeply sentimental. Unbelievably idealistic, sometimes she searches in vain for that brave knight in shining armor, who will sweep her off her feet, conquer the world, hand it to her gently and yet never sacrifice his manhood. Since he exists only in fairy tales and the myths of King Arthur's court, the Aries woman often walks alone, without a star to guide her. Her days are bright and full of excitement, her nights are sometimes dark and full of longing. Yet, when her defeated dreams become smoldering ashes-just as you think the flame is dying, Aries leaps up to build another fire.

She must be proud of you to love you. But don't be so important that you neglect to notice her talents and abili¬ties. Though she'll demand a lot from you, she'll give double measure in return. The Aries girl can be generous to a fault with her time and sympathy, cheerfully sharing her possessions and money, but when it comes to love, she's downright stingy. "What's hers is hers" in the romance department, and it will take very little to set off a jealous explosion. If she's not first with you in every way, you'll soon wonder where all the intense passion and thrilling emotion went so fast. When the Aries woman has been really hurt, she turns from fire to ice. Her fire bums hot and dies quickly. Her ice can be eternal. Memorize that, if you care deeply about her-and it's doubtful that she'll stand for you caring about her any other way. Aries plays for keeps.

She puts the loved one on a pedestal, expecting him to live up to an impossible image of perfection, stubbornly refusing to look at his clay feet, until they become too muddy for even her to miss. Never criticize the lover, husband or children of an Aries woman unless you're wear¬ing an asbestos suit. She's capable of being demanding, selfish, and making cutting remarks when you dampen her hopeful plans. Yet, she can also be gentle, devoted and cooperative when she's met halfway.

The Aries girl insists on complete freedom. You'll have to trust her wherever she goes and whatever she does, though she won't have that kind of faith in you (unless she's learned the hard way to keep her emotions under control if it kills her, which it almost will). It's not as bad as it sounds, because she'll be faithful, once she's really yours. An Aries girl is seldom able to love two men at the same time. She's simply too honest for such deception. Barring unusual circumstances, she'll let you know clearly that love is dead before going ahead in total commitment to someone else.

Mars females are often career girls. They can handle almost any profession a man can handle, from stockbroking to real estate. They can also turn a nice ankle or profile in strictly feminine occupations like modeling and acting. It may be difficult to get her to give up her job for you, she may toss it overboard for a period, while she's suffused with the glow of romance and picturing a storybook cottage for two beside the sea. But when the cottage begins to need a paint job, the roof starts to leak and the first fine rapture dims slightly, she may be anxious to dig out her social security card again. Let her. She'll be far happier and more loving-even more gentle-if she's allowed to fill her idle hours with something that interests her. Mars emotions, unfulfilled, can look for molehills of frustrations to build into huge mountains of trouble.

There's practically nothing this woman won't tackle. If it's a challenge or just something she thinks she wants to brighten her life, she'll make some kind of a stab at it whether it's practical or not. Miracles have a way of happening to those who believe in them. Aries women certainly believe. Sometimes to the point of foolishness. Her rash ways can get her into some compli¬cated pickles, and she may have a few gray hairs before she leams how to avoid the same pickle twice. Aries is not noted for learning from experience. The spirit is willing, but the disposition is headstrong. There's no use to try to caution a typical Aries female with the biblical warning, "Pride goeth before a fall." Her interpretation of the phrase, since she first heard it in Sunday School, is "When your pride goes, you fall."

Never worry that your Aries girl will succumb to the charms of a wolf. She's immune to wolves and playboys, and in far more danger of being seduced by an idealist with a cause, preferably a lost cause. But even with him, she'll assert her individuality frequently. It will never be completely conquered in the Mars woman, though it can be subdued by the right man. She'll buy you gifts, loan you money, nurse you through illness, and help you get a job.

And she'll expect the same from you.

She'll deny it vehemently (she does almost everything vehemently), but when she's miserable, you should be miserable. When she's happy, you should be happy. To Aries, love is equal sharing. She'll expect to share your razor, your bank account, your friendships and your dreams. In return, you can share hers. Of course, her razor may be broken, her bank account a little overdrawn, her friendships slightly scattered and her dreams too large for you to swallow. But she's not selfish with them. Keeping a secret from her can drive her wild, and it's not a good idea to drive an Aries wild.

To injure her pride or dampen her enthusiasm will almost break her heart. The world resents a female who talks back to it, and who thinks she's smarter than everyone else. When she discovers she really doesn't run the universe after all, she'll come running into your arms in tears, her world all dark and dismal. Then you'll have a chance to see her as she really is, defenseless and vulnerable in the extreme, for all her outer confidence.

The Aries idealism and optimistic faith in human nature is often dashed to bits by reality. Comfort her with tenderness at these times, and you'll probably never lose her. Always defend her against her enemies. She can never forgive you if you fail to fight for her or take her side. She'll also defend you. An Aries woman will throw away fame or fortune defiantly right in the face of anyone who hurts a friend of hers. If she loves you, her indignation will have no bounds. These women are nothing if not loyal. She won't mind going out to bring home the bacon when you're temporarily out of a job, but she can never respect a man who makes less money than she does (though an Aries woman would never leave a man for this reason-she'd be more inclined to make excuses for him).

This woman can be unreasonably temperamental. But her quickly aroused temper will splatter like summer hailstones and soon melt away. She'll never hold a grudge, seek revenge, indulge in self-pity or bitterness. After an emotional storm, her optimistic, April nature will return like the rainbow suddenly appearing after a shower. Don't forget that she bruises easily, in spite of her bright, brave smile. (That's just her shield against hurt.) If you can turn the ram into a lamb, you'll have a woman who is honest and passionate, loyal and exciting-though she may be a little impulsive, bossy and independent. The Aries girl will help you find your lost illusions and she'll have a fierce faith in all your dreams. You don't have any? Borrow some of hers. She has plenty to spare. If you believe in her as much as she believes in you, you could make some miracles together.
--- from EnglishWiz - Aries

Me... according to Harry Potter Astrology
Hufflepuff Ariens have an extreme abundance of energy; however, the usual Hufflepuff tendency to work hard out of duty is modified by the Aries tendency to value play over work. Therefore, expect long periods of playfulness and seeming indolence punctuated by brief, manic bursts of industry. These Hufflepuffs may also be more ambitious and socially aggressive than average, making them clear leaders in their House. Their emotional warmth, open hearts, madcap sense of humour, and quirky independence will endear them to many people, but their naivete makes for easy exploitation by more ruthless sorts of people.
---from HP Astrology

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Vampires & Faeries: Laurell K Hamilton

The Final Insult: Robb. J.D. (Nora Roberts writing as): 'in Death' series

As Worthy As A Man: Song of the Lioness quartet

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